Black River

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

There were five of us, and we got a boat all to ourselves. Other boats were full (maybe around 30 people), but that might be because they were a tour group.The river guide will tell you a lot about the crocodiles and mangroves. The river looks black, but the water is really clear and you can even drink it! I tried and it tasted fine. The crocodiles are territorial animals so they are usually spotted at the same places most of the time. We saw four crocodiles in total. They are really calm and laid back—not aggressive at all. We even threw some chicken into the water and they just slowly came to eat it instead of snapping away.The mangroves are beautiful and some are very old. The boat ride was so relaxing. We were told that we could swim at one point, but none of us wanted to.The boar ride isn't that long considering how far away St. Elizabeth Parish is from Negril (Parish of Westmoreland) but it was definitely worth the trip. You can go do other stuff while you're in the area.
Black River Safari Ride
Near Negril
Negril, Jamaica

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