Kensington Gardens

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by The Breeze on April 3, 2006

There is an elegant and peaceful atmosphere in this park, which was formerly the grounds of Kensington Palace. It was actually a nice walk from our hotel, but to get there from elsewhere in town you would use the Lancaster Gate/Queensway tube stop. It is adjacent to Hyde Park, to the east, and a very pleasant place to just stroll along the straight, wide, tree-lined paths. Scenes in the movie, “Finding Neverland” were shot in this park. Since the flowers had barely begun to expose their shoots in March, we didn’t get to appreciate the South Flower Walk, but I’m sure it is beautiful in its season. There are direction signs (which are sometimes just a little bit confusing) and some lovely statues, most notably the golden Prince Albert Memorial (facing Kensington Road) and the enchanting bronze Peter Pan Statue. Both of these are well worth seeing and photographing.

We briefly crossed over to Hyde Park to see the memorial fountain for Princess Diana, but it was disappointingly nondescript, I didn’t even wish to try photographing it.
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
W Carriage Drive
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