Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by miadelie on June 5, 2006

We went to Margaritaville with a bus from our resort. The bus was free (yeah! as nothing in Jamaica is ever free), and they had several buses going back to the resort at different times of the evening. I got the impression that the buses were a courtesy of the bar, as when leaving, the buses stopped at most of the resorts along the way to drop off passengers. The bus was very nice—a definite party bus! Before they get you on, they have you all put on lei's, and they give you take along cups for your drinks from the resort. When you get to Margaritaville, you are greeted with intense and fun Jimmy Buffet music and videos. They have some adult games up on their mini-stage (I would leave the children at home for this during the evening), and they have a bird mascot that gives out free shots of tequila! The food, I found was pretty poor, though. I had the veggie burger, and it tasted like cardboard. When I informed my server, she just took my plate away. She didn't offer me anything else, and she left it on the bill. As a server, I KNOW this is poor service. They have a nice bonfire on their beach, though, which is connected to the bar. There they also have a statue of the World's Largest Rum Runner. I would be interested in going back here, as they had two water trampolines out, which I would love to use! My only real complaint was that the fun only lasted about 2 hours, after which the bar died down to nothing. I would recommend adults to check this bar out at least once. I will be going back, but for drinks only.
Margaritaville Negril
Norman Manley Blvd
Negril, Jamaica


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