Bavaro Runners Tour

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When rolling past the poverty of the Dominican Republic on route to our all-inclusive resort we knew we had to take a tour of the country to gain some perspective into what the country is really like, as opposed to the sugarcoated beaches of our resort.We chose the Bavaro Runners tour, which was about $75. As we sped through the villages you could see Dominicans sitting outside around tables playing cards in the brightly painted villages of dilapidated housing. The one thing that was so amazing was that every single child we passed came out to wave and smile at us as we went by.The tour first took us to a cigar shop to see how cigars are hand rolled. Next we moved onto the sugarcane plantations where we saw Haitian workers cutting the cane. Our tour guide informed us that the Haitians come here to work in the fields and make $3 for every ton of sugar cane they cut. "You would call them slaves, but they are happy. This is their American dream," our tour guide explains.It’s amazing to think that conditions are so bad in Haiti that coming to the Dominican Republic to slave away in hot fields in full clothing to protect from snakes is better. I did some research on the subject and government contracted recruiters round up Haitians workers through abduction or by luring them with promises of jobs to come work in the fields and live in cramped conditions, with sometimes no electricity or running water. (I found more info at
So whether or not they are happy depends on your perspective I guess.
Next we visited a traditional home in the country where we saw coffee trees and the process of roasting coffee and making cocoa from the cocoa pods, as well as a cock fight, which is legal in the DR. The traditional home consisted of a bedroom with one bed for many people, which the tour guide explained to us is too hot to sleep in anyway because of the sun hitting the tin roof, so the residents sleep in hammocks outside.
After that we went on to a secluded beach where we had a traditional Dominican lunch, (there was plenty of beer and rum and cokes throughout the trip as well). Then we walked through a very sad looking zoo that I think PETA ought to know about. We road horses on the beach alongside the azure sea. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I would definitely recommend taking this tour. It lasted from 8:30am to 5pm and was well worth the price for a full day of activity. My only warning is that in the summer I think it would be a very hot trip. We went in March and it was cool.
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Bavaro Runners Tour
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