Dolphin Island

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by july39 on March 14, 2006

We took a small boat out to a man-made island where we met two sad looking dolphins in a small floating pen. A large group of more than ten of us got into the water with them—they swam by. We petted them and then posed with them, as they kissed us and shook hands with us. Then, half of the group at a time floated into the center of the area, and pet the dolphins as they swam by. This company is not known for nice treatment of its animals. We did this because we always wanted to swim with dolphins, and didn't know if we would get the chance again, but if that is not your case then I would consider giving your money to a better company. $85 to support a bad company that gives you a 25 minute swim wasn't the best idea, but the dolphins are so cute. I would recommend doing this in your lifetime, just somewhere else, somewhere more humane.
Dolphin Island
Playa Bavaro
Dominican Republic
(809) 221-9444

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