Alcatraz Island

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Alcatraz Island, also known affectionately as "The Rock" is one of the best known federal penitentiaries of all time. Luminaries that once called this place home include, Alphonse Capone, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, Robert "the Birdman" Stroud and others. Facts show that the "Birdman" was never allowed to have birds in Alcatraz. The name stemmed from his habits at the prison that he had occupied previous to his stay at The Rock.

Alcatraz started off as a Spanish fort and to this day still retains the medieval styled dungeon beneath the prison. Look for the bullet hole in the guard tower glass. I know a former prison guard from Alcatraz that tells me that it was a result of one of the break out attempts that resulted in the riot inside the prison. One of the convicts obtained a firearm and shot at the guard in the tower. The glass was never repaired on purpose. It was meant to remind the guards that it could and did happen, so stay alert.

To get to Alcatraz Island, go to the Fishermans Wharf and look for the Blue and Gold Fleet building. Admission is $16 a person and boats leave every 30 minutes.

Alcatraz Island/The Rock
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