Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge is arguably the most famous landmark on the West Coast of the United States. It was built in 1937 and was, at the time, the largest suspension bridge in the world. Today the bridge features "movable lanes". Consisting of six total lanes, the lanes are changed as follows; on weekday mornings, there are four southbound lanes and only two northbound lanes. On weekday evenings, there are four northbound lanes and two southbound. This system allows for better traffic flow.The color of the Golden Gate is not actually gold, but a color called "International Orange". Contrary to popular belief, the bridge is not continuously painted every day of the year. In fact, a program started in 1965 to replace the original paint with a better one, this was completed in 1995, and now only occasional touch ups are required. The Golden Gate is named for the Golden Gate Strait that is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay.Only 11 men lost their lives during the construction, due to a safety net that was erected during the build. On February 17, 1937 a scaffolding holding ten men fell through the safety net and accounted for all but one of the total deaths during its construction. If you have the chance, definitely walk across this bridge. It may be a bit of a hike, but the views from the bridge are great. If you cannot make it to the other side on foot, drive across and stop at the lookout point. Some of the best views of the bay area can be seen here.
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Bay
San Francisco, California

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