5 -- "The Vital Necessities" exhibit

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The Smoke House and Outhouse are part of the out-buildings located just behind the house. There is a sign here explaining their functions.

Turning right after leaving the back porch of the main house, the smoke house (or summer kitchen) is the first building on the right. Some of the cookery and other utensils have been left there to give the visitor some idea of what was done there. A quick look in the building (you can't go any further) gives you not only a view of the one room but a nice view of the ranch through the little circular window.

The next "vital necessity" is the outhouse which is actually a "three-seater" complete with seat lids, glass windows with curtains, and one of the seats at a lower height for small children. Although charming and a bit amusing today, one can imagine how cold it must have been in the winter or stinky in the summer. This building also takes only a quick peep to see, but is worth the extra minute or two.

The next stop is up the small stairs to the other outbuildings: the cistern and the ice house.
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