3 -- The Chicken Coop and Carriage House

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The two outbuildings across from the barn include the chicken house and the carriage house. The chicken house is the more interesting of the two, but neither will take more than a few minutes to look at.

The chicken house is probably one of the nicest chicken homes in the world since it is made out of limestone (which would keep the temperatures moderate in both extreme cold and heat) with a sod roof. A sod roof here means that if you look on top of the structure, you see a mound of soil with grass growing on it. In front of the coop is an old-fashioned gas pump, which is fun for children and was probably once used to fill up ranch equipment.

The carriage house, with its large white doors and slanted roof, was not open when we were there, but clearly provided shelter for the rancher's mode of transportation.

From the carriage house, you walk up the path to the main house.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

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