2--The Barn

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The barn is very impressive and is not to be missed (although this would be hard to do given its size and proximity to the parking lot). It is built mainly out of native limestone, which is sturdy and fireproof, and its dimensions are 60 by 110 feet, with two floors. Limestone also has the ability to keep the barn relatively cool in the summer. When the barn was built, it was 2 feet short of being the largest barn in Kansas. It is built on the side of a hill so that two large ramps lead up to the second floor. The barn is long enough that they could drive a team of horses pulling a wagon of hay into the barn and still have enough room to turn around and come out.

The barn was used to shelter farm animals, equipment, and food for the animals during the winter months. The first owner, Stephen Jones, had 200 pigs, 30 horses, 8 milking cows, and 4 mules along with the hundreds of cattle that were left to graze on the ranch grounds.

Today the barn is used for the "Little Barn on the Prairie" exhibit and the information station from May to October. During the winter, the information station is on the back porch of the house near the gift shops. It is not possible to see the exhibit in the winter, but the doors are left open so you can get a good view inside. Even today, the size is very impressive.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Strong City, Kansas
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