Lands End and the Arch

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by uwtuba on February 25, 2006

One simply cannot go to Cabo San Lucas for the first time and NOT get on a boat to see El Arco de Cabo San Lucas up close.

When you do, I offer these tips to make your experience the best it can be:

Book your tour through your hotel concierge and do not fall prey to the timeshare sharks masquerading as tour-boat drivers. Use one of the upscale companies like Buccaneer Queen, Princessa, or Caborey and you'll enjoy yourself a lot more.

The arch is spectacular, especially at sunset. It's a tossup whether it is better at high or low tide--high tide has water crashing through the arch, while low tide reveals some of the beach under and around the arch.

The water is visibly different on the Pacific side than what you see on the Sea of Cortes side--another interesting feature that you can only see and experience for yourself when you decide to go.
Lands End and the Arch
Cabo San Lucas
Los Cabos, Mexico

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