Acapulco Scuba Center

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by JesusW on May 23, 2006

Acapulco, I have to warn you, is not the best spot for scuba diving, but in some areas it is still possible to have a good one.

I did my certification dives on Acapulco using Acapulco Scuba Center (and also returned to dive with them on Beach Cleaning day), the spots where we dove are in front of the Isla la Roqueta, the area still has some marine life and is a good and convenient dive for beginners.

For surface interval they normally have sandwiches and those are very good—not to dry and they fill that empty hole in your stomach without overloading it.

The staff is very friendly and the owner, Jose "Pepe" Vazquez, is very well-known in Mexican Scuba circles, he is very professional and friendly, a nice blend. On Beach Cleaning Day he offered a free trip if we were willing to collect trash and of course my friends and I accepted both for the pleasure of diving, and the idea of helping to get a nicer dive site for the future, it was very interesting to see all kinds of weird stuff coming in the collection center, from shoes to chairs, to all kind of plastic junk, so please remember to be extra careful next time you are on the beach, all this stuff is non-biodegradable. And one of the most frequent items all the teams found were cigarette butts, one more reason to hate that vice.

Their website has both Spanish and English versions. and I love that they have the prices of all the services and also a very neat map showing the diving sites.

One I would avoid is "Río de la Plata" a sunken cargo ship, other divers had told me is neat to go into a wreck, but as lots of them had caught an ear infection due to coliform bacteria I chose not to do this particular dive.
Acapulco Scuba Center
Paseo del Pescador 13 y 14, Centro
Acapulco, Mexico
+52 (74) 829474

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