Hong Kong Island Walk - Round the Peak

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by qes on March 8, 2006

Since we were staying in the "mainland" a.k.a. Kowloon, we had to cross over to Hong Kong Island to get to Victoria's Peak. We took the cable car up to the peak. There are some parts of the ride where the incline was so steep that you'll be almost flat on your back. It seemed that the minutes crept by until the cable car evened out again. The view was fantastic at the top! My sister and I decided to walk the peak to enjoy a 360 degree view. We thought it was an easy walk - okay, it was easy because the path was paved but it took over an hour and a half until we completed it. You'll definitely need comfortable walking shoes and a jug of water. I really like the part where they had interesting stopping points with historical/nature landmarks. We sat at over a hundred-year old bench and took a couple of breaths. Being out-of-shape yuppies, my sister and I only walked the lower level. My 40-something parents went up the peak!
Victoria Peak
128 Peak Road.
Hong Kong
+852 2807 6543


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