Killarney National Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JLDLondon on February 15, 2006

I spent 2 days hiking through Killarney National Park. I would have liked to rent bikes and do the full circle through the park, but there was not enough time. There is lots of beautiful scenery and, on occasion, castles, churches, and beautiful old buildings appear out of nowhere! There are also several gorgeous places to take a break and enjoy a picnic. The weather was beautiful most of the time, except for a little drizzle in the late afternoon. I would recommend this to anybody, as it's a great way to really see the park and explore. There are several different trails to take, depending on what you want to see, how long you plan to be out, and what your fitness level is. The first day we took a short walk, just to check the place out, but on the second day we hiked nearly 20 miles. It's a really, really beautiful place! There are several great restaurants around Killarney as well as grocery stores all around. There are lots of places where you can rent bikes and get maps for the park. We decided to just venture out on our own, which worked well because there are several signs throughout the park, along with mile markers.
Killarney National Park
County Kerry
Killarney, Kerry
353 (64) 6635960

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