Angkor Wat

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We left the hotel at 5:30am, to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat. There were a few people carrying their goods to market in darkness as we drove through Siem Reap, but as we drove northwards out of town, it became clear that we were joining a long line of vehicles heading to the same place as we were. The sky cleared slowly and when the sun did finally appear, briefly turned orange behind the towers.

One of the charms of Angkor in general is the large number of temples, each with their own character. However, Angkor Wat is justifiably the most well known, if only for its size. You cross the causeway over the surrounding moat and enter the first gateway to see that the causeway continues into the distance before reaching the temple buildings. The central part is set high above the surrounding countryside. As at Ta Keo, steep steps climb to the top and even with the handrail it’s a test of nerves.

We went back in the afternoon to have a look at the carvings on the wall of the lower gallery. Depictions of historical and mythical characters and events run for hundreds of metres, the stone in places rubbed to a dark colour by many exploring hands.

Temple Complex of Angkor Wat
5.5 Km North of Siem Reap
Angkor, Cambodia

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