Central Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by stubob on February 14, 2006

My recommendation for sight seeing in NYC - My wife and I had only 2 days to spend in the city. We picked up brochures, but noticed that they were very expensive. So we hailed a cab from Mid-town Manhattan and asked him to take us to Battery Park. He dropped us off and waited while we walked around and took pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Cost $15.00. We hopped back into the taxi and had him take us up to the west side of Central park, around 67th street and drop us off. Cost $20.00. From there, we took a nice 2 mile walk through the park, winding over to the east side. We saw a lot of birds and squirrels including the famous hawks perched on a ledge across the street from the park. We also made a point to find the Alice in Wonderland sculptures, they were very nice. We then exited the park at the southern end and made our way down 7th avenue to the Carnegie Deli, to restore all of the calories we just burned off. A short taxi ride back to the hotel for $6.00 and we were done. We saw a lot of the city in a 4 hour window, for around $40.00. We could have saved the last cab fare and walked back to the hotel, but it started to snow (Feb 11th - Start of the record snowfall for NYC). We really enjoyed our time in the park. Some of the sightseeing tours start at $50, or more, per person.
Central Park Conservatory Garden
East Side from 104th-106th Streets (5th Ave.)
New York, New York


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