Smathers Beach

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissabowman on February 17, 2006

Our trip through the keys, and to Key West, was quite short, but nothing short of beauty and entertainment. The drive down Highway 1 was unbelievable, truly a breathtaking sight. I believe this is something everyone should experience. Key West is at the southern most tip of Florida. I hear you are closer to Cuba than to Miami, so you can imagine. The keys are connected solely by one thing, Highway 1.

For the most part, they are several islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the only way in and out is by this bridge, or strip of highway. So most of the drive is over beautiful blue water. For miles, that is all you can see, and little patches of land every once in a while. When we got to Key West, we went straight to the beach and layed in the sand. I was a little disappointed by the water. Right at the edge was a bunch of brown seaweed and gross stuff, but once you got past that, it was the most turquoise water I have ever seen. It was so clear and blue. The sand was also very white and powdery. The view and sight were just awe inspiring. It is truly a sight to see
Smathers Beach
South Roosevelt Blvd
Florida Keys, Florida, 33040
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