Black River

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by abou7 on February 9, 2006

We went on the Black River Safari Ride. It was great. The water looks pitch-black, but put it in a cup and it is so clear. The trees are huge and the crocodiles are awesome. The tour guide lures them towards the boat. It was a great time. You can bring your drinks with you on the boat. It was very relaxing and the locals are always happy to see a new face and maybe sell a carving or two. It costs about $75 and includes your transportation, a traditional Jamaican lunch, and a great experience at the Black River and falls. We also stopped at a large flower nursery and at a local stand for peppered shrimp. You can purchase a bag of shrimp for $5. They are good and hot. This is a trip that is good for all ages.
Black River Safari Ride
Near Negril
Negril, Jamaica

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