Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Koentje3000 on February 7, 2006

Chances are low that you will be able to spot many of Australia's indigenous animals in the wild, save an occasional encounter with a kangaroo (as we did once) or some lizards and snakes. A very nice way to see them anyway in a semi-natural setting in a visit to this park. Its size is an amazing 20 ha, and it's packed with many of Australia's favourites. The number-one spot of the park is, as the name suggests, reserved for the koala. This cute animal is not really a bear. In fact, it's more related to some other Australian animals, like the kangaroo or the wombat, than to the bear. In the park, you can have a picture made of you cuddling a koala, but this requires an extra fee. Another part of the park is taken up by the kangaroo and wallaby. You can walk around freely in their 2-ha (5 acres) reserve and even feed them if you feel like it. There are different species around, like the red kangaroo and swamp wallaby. Other animals you can find in the park include different snakes, lizards, emus, wombats,... For more info, see www.koala.net.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Jesmond Rd
Brisbane, Australia, 4069
+61 (0)7 3378 1366


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