Grauman's Chinese Theatre

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Grauman’s Theater holds lots of history. First opening in May of 1927 was the most spectacular theater opening in motion picture history. You can not come to Hollywood and not visit this landmark. Grauman’s is also the host of several big movie premiers, the first being "The King of Kings" by Cecil B. De Milles. Grauman’s Theater has always been one of those places that were a real treat to see. The architecture and history is very intriguing and fascinating to me. This is a place that when I see on TV I get excited to say hey I have been there and now there is Reese Witherspoon or Drew Barrymore or whoever there to promote a new movie at a premiere.Grauman’s does show movies; one at a time and you can sit in the same theater as the stars and watch a movie. The ticket prices are $11.25 for an adult and $8.00 for children and seniors. You can also take tours of the theater and the VIP lounge 7 days a week. The ticket prices and times are available by calling (323) 463-9576. The movies sell out fast so you want to make sure and get your tickets early and the tours are usually full every time.In the courtyard of Grauman’s is where you can find several actors’ footprints and hand prints. I think they even have Donald Duck’s feet prints, as well as the stars from the walk of fame right out front. These stars go for miles and miles down the road and on several other roads. While visiting Grauman’s you can expect to see several tourists and people checking out the area, this is a big tourist attraction in Hollywood. There are also characters from movies (Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Homer Simpson, etc…) walking around and taking pictures with you. Like I said a huge tourist spot so you will see some crazy and weird stuff.The area that surrounds Grauman’s have another theater upstairs, Mann Chinese 6, that shows a few more movies. There is a place to eat and other shops and stores as well. Across the street is another theater the EL Capitan, which host movie premiers and shows a few movies as well. The whole street and area is so captivating and filled with so many things to do. You could literally spend the whole day here.Don’t come to Hollywood and miss seeing Grauman’s Chinese Theater, it is a place you will never forget and one of the most popular places in the world.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
(323) 464-8111

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