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Hollywood, when you hear that word you always think celebrities. Well I have yet to see a celebrity in Hollywood, since it is mainly a tourist hot spot. When you go you will see many sightseers and vacationers, not celebrities. However, this particular area does host some of the hottest events filed with A-listers. Namely the Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highland.The Kodak Theater host the Academy awards, the finale of American Idol and other award shows like the Emmys. During these events the place is packed with celebrities, but limited to the tourists and sightseers.Gramanns Theater is also a common place to find celebrities at different times, as this is one of the many theaters that host movie premiers. In the courtyard of the theater you will find many well-respected and honored actors of the past, handprints or foot prints in the ground. Along with that you will see the Hollywood walk- of-fame, which is where you will see where certain celebrities have, received a star for an outstanding effort in radio, television, or film. These stars line the streets for several miles and are still added today. At times you could probably catch a celebrity receiving their start while you are there.One of the main attractions and highlights that most people have to see when in Hollywood is the HOLLYWOOD sign up in the Hollywood hills. This sign is a universal language that many tourists can relate to of something they see from there own home as well as in person. It is like a celebrity itself. It is a very cool thing to see. You almost feel as like you are in the movies.On Hollywood Drive there are several things to do and see for tourists. There are hundreds of souvenir shops and stores, each selling several items that would be a great memorabilia of your trip. There are shopping stores like the Gap and Banana Republic. There are tours of celebrity homes and hot spots in the area. Wax museums, the world record museum, clothing museums, thrift stores that you can find clothes from movies and TV, and also a mall. At the Hollywood and Highland intersection is a huge outdoor mall with a gigantic courtyard, with huge elephant statues. There is a sky bridge that you can stand on and see the HOLLYWOOD sign from and look out around the area.For a day of fun and filled with activity visit Hollywood, don’t be disappointed that you do not see any celebrities for this is just not where they hang out. But do enjoy what the area has to offer and what it stands for and represents as a place we can all relate to in that we know what it means. Watch out for parking, it can be tricky and you will get ticketed or towed. But most of all have a great time.
Hollywood Sign
6342 Mulholland Highway
Hollywood, California, 90068


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