Independence Hall and Liberty Bell

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ActSpacey on January 23, 2006

You can’t go to Philadelphia without a visit to the Liberty Bell. I’m not really sure why we’re all so drawn to this bell and all it symbolizes, but even my 8-year-old was impressed by it.

Due to the extra security precautions since 9/11, the area around the Liberty Bell is cordoned off, and you must pass through airport-like security in order to get in. Normally the Park Service provides timed tickets. You wait in line at the visitor center to get a ticket and then arrive at the pavilion to wait in line to get through security, see the bell, and take the tour of Independence Hall.

Since we were there on Veteran’s Day, they weren’t using the tickets. We were lucky and the line wasn’t too bad.

The Independence Hall tour can be a bit challenging for younger children. The tour consists primarily of listening to the guide tell the history of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention. However, there’s not that much to see. Sam (8) found it hard to listen for that long without a changing view.
Independence Hall
500 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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