Guinness Brewery

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Matwt on December 10, 2002

The Guiness Tour, has earned a reputation as one of the must see attractions in Dublin, whether you are a fan of the drink or not. Having now been twice, the major question I have is why?

Admission is 12Euros for Adults.

The tour is self guided, and involves a number of informative displays over four floors. They include a display on Coopering, the Brewing Process and also a history of the Guiness family. All of it is interesting and informative but not spectacular.

There is also a very comprehensive interactive display traceing Guiness advertising, and this interstingly enough is one of the highlights. Interesting, because whatever Guiness may lack as a product (I know few people who drink it all the time) it makes up for as a brand, and it is the advertising that has made that brand.

On the fifth floor there are a number of restaurants and bars selling wholesome, hearty, Guiness suiting food: steak Pie, seafood chowder etc. These eateries all represent very good value.

The Top Floor, however, is where the ticket really pays for itself as it is Gravity, a glass walled bar with views over all of Dublin. You get a free Guiness so enjoy the view and the drink.

I guess the tour deserves its reputation as a must-see after all.

Guinness Storehouse
St James's Gate Dublin 8
01 408 4800

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