South Point

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Isla Mujeres—an island polarized. One end (the north end) is more like the “string quartet” version of the island. Here you find the quiet beach, the tranquilizing sun, the lulling of the wind. You can bask on this side for hours in a dreamy half-awake, half-asleep state of mind. But, if you decide to wake up a little bit and put on your adventure hat it’s off to the opposite side for a little more refreshing exhilaration.

The south end of the island is a bit more like the “drum circle” version of the island. The water surges and pulsates up against the cliff edges. Whirlpools dance and waves crash almost as if marching to the beat of the drum. Although this end of the island serves up a little more in terms of natural awe and wonder, it is no less relaxing than the north end—just in a different way. You are bound to feel more alone on this end. Just you and the sea and the local iguanas which run freely and bask on the warm rocks. You and the coconut vendor who punches the hole in the fruit and inserts a straw for you and then, when your done drinking, cracks it in half so you can enjoy a coconut snack. ($1-$2) Here is where you will catch the best sunset. Here is where you really feel Isla Mujeres. Be sure to walk down past the concrete structure on the point. Take the sidewalk down the bank to the water edge. Here is the best view of the wild sea. It feels like you’ve stepped into some kind of sea-cave netherworld. The water is amazing from this vantage point.

A few tips for your journey to the south end: 1) Bring your sunscreen! You’re completely exposed to the sun once you leave the palms of the north end. 2) Rent the scooter, not the go cart! You can walk faster than the go carts! 3) Make sure you get a coconut. 4) There may be a few venders selling some handicrafts—they’re fun to talk to but I don’t remember them having anything very interesting for sale. But, you might buy something anyway just because. 5) Bring your snorkel gear and stop off beside Garrafon for a real adventure (see my review of Garrafon in this journal).
Isla Mujeres
13 Km Ne Of Cancun
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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