Hong Kong Markets Are Shopping Paradise

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by hufty on February 8, 2006

All the markets in Hong Kong are great value for money, from the fake Prada and Gucci markets (ladies market Mong Kok) to the food markets of nearby Yau Ma Tei. The buzz and excitement of these great markets is not to be missed if you love bargain hunting! While squished in amongst hundreds of other shoppers you'll experience the local chinese culture with a bit of 'gweilo'(thats white person to you and me) activity thrown in. The pace is hectic, there's never a good time to go, its always manic, but so worth it if you take your time and sift through all the trinkets, clothing, shoes, bags, phones, good god the list goes on and on...

One of the best markets is Stanley, a distinctly white aimed market, a small journey out of Hong Kong central on the bus. The journey itself is beautiful as it follows the coastline, but you need to follow the crowd to actually find the market as its hidden down the back streets! Here the 'chinese' artefacts can be found, your kimonos (japanese i know but i cant pronounce the chinese word for them!) chinese paintbrushes, jade statues, jewellery and in one specific shop the upstairs is a minefield of the most beautiful rosewood furniture if you have money and time to ship it home!
Bargaining toughly is recommended here, as its the 'white' market it is obviously more expensive.

Fa Yuen street market (about two blocks from mong kok) is a little known jem. Everyone floods to the Mong Kok markets as these are the best known ones, but Fa Yuen has the same products, less crowds and better prices as for now its pretty much Chinese only. So for a better bargain, wander those extra few blocks. Nothing is far in Hong Kong anyway!

Burberry, Yves St. Lauren, Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Gucci are to name but a few of the clothes that line the racks out there, nearly all of them authentic, just 'fell off the back of a truck'! How you can tell, (those clever clogs think of everything!) is the label will have been cut off so the cops cant prove it, but a little bit will be left behind, with the 'B' or the 'Aber@ still showing so you can still tell!

Dvd's, cd's, phones, laptops, mp3 players and ANYTHING electronic can be found in Hong Kong for very good prices as you are now in the technical capitol of the world.

If you're going to Hong Kong, book an extra few days, just to have a wander in these markets, even if you're not buying!!

Stanley Market
South Side Hong Kong
Hong Kong
852 2807 6543


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