Flying Monkey Saloon

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by dvance73 on January 24, 2006

This is probably the most difficult review I can type of vacation, only due to the utter fogginess of the memories I made at this fabulous place. First off the have every flavor of tropical libation you could imagine plus I not only tried most of them much to my shagrin, but they had soo many flavor combinations I never got founded upon one. From the Grain Train to Chocohol, their frozen drinks were AWESOME. The bar is set in the heart of Duval Street, and for those not in the know, its like a Tropical bourbon street with gorgeous women walking by every moment. Did I say Bourbon Street, no New Orleans never offered scenery like this. Highlighted by the city street lights and filled with the sounds flowing from more live stages I can count, the Flying Monkey was the place to be when the sun goes down.

I must have spent 4 nights during our vacation after dinner sitting outside in their quaint bar type stools and patio tables. The drinks were not only economical; they were a bargain, which added to the desire to sleep late the following morning and recover from the night's partying. If you're not too shy and looking for a great party spot after dinner and scenery to die for--trust me; I took my girlfriend at the time, and along with the awesome drinks and food and view, I must have gotten elbowed in the side several times for all the gorgeous ladies walking by this saloon. It was the highlight and center of the party on that which is Duval Street, Key West, FL.

Flying Monkey Saloon
227 Duval Street
Key West, Florida

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