State Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by DrMarlo on December 2, 2002

Aggressive, well-trained seagulls will zero in on any visitor who looks likely to offer food. They seem to know to avoid those not willing to share. I had a blast with two loaves of white-bread, creating a continual halo of birds overhead who flawlessly caught thrown morsels mid-air and who were never rude enough to leave any deposits on the heads of their benefactor.

The beaches were white and clean and full of seashells, ripe for collectors. An occasional sand dollar could also be found. The weather was cool and the water cold, but it was still fun to wade. Frolicking fish could be seen in the distance. Our assumption was that they were dolphins.

We were among the only 10 people on about 1 mile of beach.

State Park
Orange Street
Coronado, California

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