Sedgwick County Zoo

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This is one of the top breeding zoos in the country and along with over 2500 animals of 500 species, this zoo has several unique habitat exhibits as well.

The North American Prairie exhibit might be the only of its kind in the world and offers a glimpse of animals indigenous to the area (although many rare now) in their natural environments. There are black bears, grizzly bears, otters, wolves, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, bison, a prairie dog town, cougars, and elk. There is also a boat ride. Go buy tickets to this first before looking around the zoo since rides tend to sell out quickly.

The new KOCH Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat sponsored by a local millionaire family is a chance to see many of the great apes in huge playgrounds that give you a chance to witness their playfulness and social behavior first hand.

There are three children's farms that offer: the Asian farm, American farm, and African farm--which has camels and warthogs! Also in the zoo are a herpetarium, rainforest house with jungle walk through, African veldt, and South American pampas. You can spend all day or all summer here.

More info at their website:
Sedgwick County Zoo
5555 Zoo Boulevard
Wichita, Kansas, 67212
(316) 660-9453

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