Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Nosferatu on June 12, 2006

I absolutely detest guided tours. I always feel like I'm in a communist lunch line...I get served only what my superiors want me to eat.

So, why did I go belly up and succomb to a guided trip to get to Stonehenge? Only one reason. Because this gave me the opportunity to actually go into the formation and walk around and touch the monolithic stones. Any other option and I would have had to stand behind a barrier and gawk at it with my camera.

Upon first sight, Stonehenge is truly impressive. All the more so in the cold early morning hours of an English winter. The stones rise out of the plains with an abruptness that demands your attention. These stones are HUGE. They were brought here and assembled from areas up to several hundred miles away. The commitment to create something like this is nothing short of Herculean.

I was both the first person to walk into Stonehenge from our group, as well as the last person to return to our waiting bus. The weather was quite cold and wet the morning of our trip. As a result, it made my pictures less than stellar.

Overall, I would certainly recommend a trip out to Stonehenge. And if you want to actually get a chance to walk among these ancient monoliths, then I'd even say to spring for a guided tour, but don't make a habit of travelling that way.

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