Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Tavia on November 28, 2005

Oh, if you are in Edinburgh and have ever read a book or drank a pint of beer, you must join this walking tour. I had a lot of fun with the wacky actors arguing their literary history, and with the other members of the tour who were good sports and just as interested in the tour as in the multiple pit stops we took at pubs along the way.

The actors who lead the tour play two argumentative and opposite types who, through their debates on the characters and lives of Scotland's greatest writers, tell you about the rich Scottish literary history. The tour winds you through some historic areas of the city, and although only one of the bars was really & truly a pub where the great authors tippled, the other sites were picturesque and close enough that after a pint or two no one was complaining!

After the tour ends, the guides deposit you in a pub (the Abbotsford) on Rose Street, where most of us stayed for a few more pints and a chat until the publican had to shoo us off our stools.

This pub tour is an excellent thing to do if you are with friends or if you are a singleton (as was I), since the actors instantly create an air of camraderie that puts everyone in a jovial and social mood. Plus - you'll laugh a lot!
Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour
Victoria Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2JP
+44 131 226 6665


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