Yosemite National Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jim Hildreth on December 29, 2005

Having a passion for visiting Yosemite and playing Cajun Zydeco Music, I was thrilled when learning the Yosemite Lodge hired our band, the Blues Box Bayou Band, to play 4 nights at the Yosemite Lodge that included New Years 2006.

The travel from Sonora via Hwy 120 was a perfect day. With a stopover in Groveland for a warm cup of coffee, the trip was more pleasurable, as it was a day that was filled with rain and few visitors heading towards the park. A CD played in the background as I inched up the hill, seeing fall colors that were fading and the feel and look of winter.

As I climbed closer and going through some granite tunnels, the panoramic views of cascading water falls began to appear, and the backgound of El Capitan was welcoming me home. Being a visiting musician, the Yosemite Lodge treats us well; the only discomfort is travelling with other musicians and four guys to a room. Sorry, not romantic.

Over and over, visitors were worldwide, and the amount of families sharing a post-Christmas was heartwarming. The patrons loved the music; however, the best part was only beginnng, as each of us had all day to explore, and for me, it was the morning walks for the sites and sounds of this crown jewel. Armed with a fresh breakfast and coffee, my camera caputured every moment of that morning walk.

Our days included spontaneous laughter, music, and the sharing of memories of Yosemite. Our nights are filled with entertainment and our days of exploring by foot this beauty.  I told Yosemite managment, "You guys have it all wrong--I would pay you to have this experience."

Yosemite National Park
Sierra Nevada
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