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If you are a fan of my journals, you will know that no trip is complete for me without a little nightlife thrown in for good measure, and what better way to jiggle away all the chowder calories than a good club!!

We were recommended Avalon by the bloke that worked the door at our hotel, as I wanted a good techno music night. We took the T over to the Fenway (Kenmore was nearest T stop) area, which had quite a lot of bars and clubs all around. Avalon would have been easy to find we had been looking rather than getting distracted by all the neon in that area.

It was $15 to get in, though I’m sure the prices vary depending on the night and time you go in. There was already quite a line forming at 11:30pm, which surprised me, and the doormen seemed to be quite picky. As this is advertised as the biggest (and best) club in Boston, I guess they can afford to be.

I also noticed that whilst we were there on a regular night, from the fliers being passed out, Avalon sees its fair share of big-name DJs, though the nights did seem to vary a lot between techno and hip-hop. One night Sean Paul would be pulling the crowd and the following night they had Tiesto, so be sure to check first on their WEBSITE.

As you enter the club, you are blown away by the sound system. It was amazing, with some great lights and lasers. Tucked away are secluded VIP areas, but the main dance floor is the place to be anyway. At various points in the evening, the ceiling would lower and the lasers became more intense.

There was a stage at the front with go-go dancers, but not the usual just bikini-clad ones. These had extravagant costumes and could actually really dance!! I liked it. and as the night progressed, the dancers gave mini shows, sometimes in Asian outfits, another time with glow-in-the-dark capes.
The crowd was young and fun, and the dancing was serious techno, but everyone was just about having a good time and no one cared how anyone else moved or grooved. It was the kind of club I could have stayed partying in all night and not cared about drinking (which was good, as the bar wasn’t cheap).

When it was time to go, of course the T was no longer running, but it was easy enough to hail a cab, and it was just $10 back to the hotel.

15 Lansdowne St
Boston, Massachusetts, 02215
+1 617 262 2424


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