Arches National Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ArnyZona on October 30, 2005

This place is too popular! If you want to take some pictures semi-profesional, don't focus on the landscapes. Just shoot the Japs! Everywhere you go, you will see Japanese and German tourists. And after 2 hours under the hot sun you will wonder who won the war. Ehm, sorry WW II. I live close to the German border, and my hometown gets invaded every Saturday with thousands of Germans, but when I hike the desert, I only want to hear a cricket, rattlesnake, or even my wife. But here I only heard: "Mutti bleib stehen, ich mochte ein Foto machen!" Sorry, I don't speak German, so I won't quote them.
Arches National Park
5 miles North of Moab on 191
Boulder Mountain, Utah

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