The Ring Of Kerry..most sought after Sight!!!

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ladyanne47 on March 30, 2006

The Ring of Kerry is probably the most popular sight that tourist flock to, and it is definitely one of the prettiest in Ireland. I have to say if one is traveling to Ireland for the first time, the Ring of Kerry should be seen. However, be ready if you are going in high season to be over run with tourist buses and people. You may even have to limit your time if you get behind a row of cars and buses.

That being said, it is very beautiful. I have gone three times off season, so I had a lovely ride. The only problem was that some of the restaurants like the "Ladies View," on Route N71, will not be open. The only time it is open is from April to October. It also has a nice gift shop attached to the restaurant.

Many people recommend doing the Ring of Kerry counter-clockwise when looking down on a map. The angle of the sun changes the views and the way you come around the corners are the best scenery if you decide to do it that way. Officially, the authentic Ring of Kerry is between Tahila near Sneem and Kells near Darby's Bridge. I have to say though my favorite part on the Peninsula is the N71 part of the trip, also known as Muckross Road. Holy Wells, Mol's Gap and Ladies View are all spectacular. If you get off of N70 at the end of the Peninsula onto R567 and 566 and 565, you will see outstanding landscapes, including the Skellig Rocks, and the Scarriff Island, also Valencia Island is fabulous. Bring lots of film and plan on it being a whole day excursion. If you do the whole thing it is a long day.
Ring of Kerry
179 Km Circular Road
Kerry, Ireland

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