Rain Forest Hiking

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Pony Boy on December 6, 2005

It takes about an hour or so to get to the national forest, and the roads up the mountain are like something straight out of a movie. The forest is located in Rio Grande and is east of San Juan. You'll need to rent a car to get there. Some hotels, like the Holiday Inn Express, do offer shuttles. You get beautiful views of the rain forest and countryside.

There were a total of 10 trails you could venture through. Out of time, we choose only one trail, and it was about a 40-minute walk away from a cascading waterfall you could swim in. Try to get there somewhat early or you'll run into numerous other people exploring the trails. Some of the trails are paved and others are dirt, and there is one path that isn't kept up at all. If it happens to rain, be careful; the paved trails are very slippery and the unpaved ones are very muddy. It's suggested that you wear hiking boots, and if you decide to wander off on the unkempt path, you should consider wearing long pants. That one is more for the adventurous explorers. There is station at the bottom of the hill where you can purchase a map of the trails, water, and other trinkets. Some trails are flat; others are more up hill and challenging. I highly suggest picking up a map beforehand and planning your day's hike.

Walking through the paths is very peaceful. If you look carefully up at the trees, you can see all sorts of birds, parrots, lizards, and other sorts of creatures of the forest. I could have spent all day on those trails, but we had plans to drive across the island.

Rain Forest Hiking
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