East Wind Excursions

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Pony Boy on December 6, 2005

The sailing place we went through was called East Islands Excursions (http://www.eastwindcats.com/.) I’m going to plug them because that was the highlight of the trip. For $60 per person you go out on a 4-hour sail; have all the free rum drinks you want (yes, I said free), along with lunch; visit two snorkeling spots, where you can view some coral reefs; and stop at a desert island to explore the beach or go swimming. The staff was very friendly and funny, and it was a great time. On the sail you can also see the Virgin Islands and St. Martin off in the distance. I highly suggest this place as a top to-do on your list.

The sailing place is located in the city of Fajardo, which is about an hour or so east of San Juan. You can rent a car, and they do have a shuttle that picks you up and drops you back at the hotel for $20 a person. If you drive out there, beware the traffic in and out of San Juan. Try leaving in the early morning or late evening. Traffic in and outside of San Juan is horrible.

East Wind II - Sailing
Puerto Del Rey
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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