Diamond Head Crater Hike

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by ndhender on December 4, 2005

When we first arrived in Hawaii, we thought that Diamond Head was a mountain. But, after arriving to hike we realized it was actually a crater. We began the hike and were just trekking along for the first half, and then our calves started burning!! (We are not normal hikers.) We slowed down our pace and started admiring the scenery on the way up the crater. The hike itself has wonderful views.

There was a lookout point pretty close to the top that was amazing. I could have stopped there and thought I saw a magnificent view, but we kept going. When we stepped out on the top, I was so amazed. Even though we saw the postcards of what it looked like from the top, I couldn't fathom the true beauty. We stood up there for nearly an hour, just admiring the wonderful view. A picture does not do the view justice, and you can not appreciate it without seeing it for yourself.

Diamond Head State Monument
Diamond Head Road And 18th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96816


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