National Museum of Egyptology

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Nosferatu on November 15, 2005

Although I was thrilled to be finally going to the world-famous Egyptian Antiquities Museum, I found the entire experience to be quite overwhelming and somewhat tiring. Without a doubt, the pieces at the museum, including King Tut's treasures, are absolutely remarkable, but the method of display leaves a lot to be desired. We had allotted almost an entire day for this museum, but found ourselves finished and ready to go in under 4 hours.

To be fair, there are way too many items in the museum's vault to be properly displayed. However, the quality of the information is not consistent throughout the museum. For example, the area where King Tut's treasures are located unarguably not only had the best displays, but the museum caretakers also provided excellent descriptions. In other areas, you would literally see a sign that stated "statue of woman" in front of a statue of a woman.

Overall, I did like the museum and was most impressed by the mummy room. It is an extra cost of 20LE (Egyptian Pounds) to go in there, but it was completely worth it. Even though this exhibition room is fairly small, it is absolutely mesmerizing. Upon seeing these mummies, I felt as if I was reaching across thousands of years to look into the eyes of people who made history. Despite the fact they were all amazing, none was more powerful in its impact to me than the mummy of Ramses II. Despite my misgivings, visiting this museum is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any visitors going to Egypt. The artifacts in here span over 4 thousand years and are a great visual representation of the cultural and political evolution of the Nile Valley.
National Museum of Egyptology
Tahrir Square
Cairo, Egypt

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