The Bar At Times Square – Sing It Baby!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on October 6, 2005

“Sing us a song Mr. Piano man. Sing us a song, tonight!” – That Billy Joel song is probably the most-requested song ever for a piano bar, and you can expect to hear it here. However, you’ll also get some ACDC, Bon Jovi, Def Lepard and more – whatever you can request really, the dueling pianists will oblige – for a price.

The Bar at Times Square is located in – in case the name didn’t tip you off – in the NY NY hotel. Until recently, you could expect long lines and standing room only at any time – until the hotel decided to start booking reservations for tables at a total cost of $20 ($10 cover no matter what and $10 for the reservation.) Now, this all works in theory, however, the Food and Beverage desk forgot to TELL the Bar at Times Square that we had a reservation. This snag momentarily threw the door host off, but not for long. This was better for us, because he seated us in the VIP section – right next to the door and right beside the pianos. The bar is divided into two sections, with the pianos in the middle. The one side is the “seated” side, and the other is the bar side. (This will be important, as you will be pitted against each other for competitions to see who is the most rowdy.)

This bar really is a good time, and the party starts earlier than in most bars or clubs. If you really want to hear your song, write it on a request form and make sure the pianist sees the very generous tip that you slipped in with it. I thought a $2 tip was fair, but alas, it was not fair enough to get them to play Duran Duran. Either way, sing your little heart out! Rating 9 of 10, an excellent time and lots of singing.
Times Square Bar
New York-New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas / 3790 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 740-6969

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