Jorvik Viking Centre

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by moatway on September 30, 2005

For 7.45 pounds, Jorvik provides a simple introduction to the Viking presence in York at the end of the 10th century. After all, the name York is derived from the Viking word and so many streets are "gates" because the word is derived from the Viking work for street. Using the concept of a time machine, one is whisked through a Viking village in a high tech carnival car. You are actually moving, well below street level, through the site of the actual Viking settlement and the homes you see are recreations sitting on the foundations of the original Viking buildings. There are life-sized manikins working, playing and doing the housework, all in Viking fashion. Add a bit of noise, some animation and a bit of smell and you have an interesting experience. Perhaps it’s history for people who don’t like history, or perhaps "Viking-lite".

The excavation of this part (16-22 Coppergate) of a much larger Viking community was done in 1976–1981. Many of the artifacts retrieved during the dig are displayed in the Skipper Gallery at the centre. The survival of so many objects, made of iron, leather, clay and wood, is surprising. You’ll see everything from shoes to combs to jewelry.

Also fascinating is the display of skeletal parts, all of which show evidence of health problems and battle injuries. This history lesson is as deep as you want to make it. Everyone will enjoy the journey through the village and the exhibits after you disembark from your car are interesting.

Jorvik Viking Centre
15-17 Coppergate Walk
York, United Kingdom, YO1 9WT
+44 (1) 904643211

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