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Sachsaywaman is an Inca fortress with massive “imported” rocks at the lowest level. These were used in combination with much smaller material at the next level and then smaller stones as you ascend. At the very top there’s a restricted zone with the foundations of what was clearly once a round tower.

We went with our group to visit it and liked it so much that we decided to go again on our own on a free day. If you do this and want to wander without a guide, you will have to do a bit of beating off, but it’s well worth it. There were various kindergarten groups wandering past and enjoying having their photos taken as we enjoyed a leisurely picnic lunch.

I didn’t get to Machu Picchu, but those who did tell me that, although its site is truly outstanding, the authenticity of the remains is much greater at Sachsaywaman. A number of lintels have been replaced here, but one is original and most of the other features are as well.

I mean to do several sites in the area and am sure that the individual features are better viewed in photos than described in words.
Outside Cusco
Cusco, Peru

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