Fort Rodd Hill &Fisgard Lighthouse NHS

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At this location you get two tours at one stop. The Fisgard Lighthouse is a working 1860 lighthouse on the point at Fort Rodd Hill. It is the oldest lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. Just west of Victoria about 15 minutes, eight and a half miles via Highway 1 and 1A, it sits on a point in the harber and is beautifully maintained.

You walk out to the lighthouse via a gravel pathway and can go into it to view colorful displays of its past history of saving boats and people.

To get to the lighthouse you pass through the Fort Rodd Hill military fort that has historical significance in Victoria/Vancouver Island. You can view century old ramparts of coastal gun batteries, gun turrets, camoflauged searchlights, and underground bunkers. Deer can be seen at dusk during your visit.

For more information check their website at Rates to visit are $4/$6 for annual pass, and $2 for children 6 - 12. Family rates are also available.

Fort Rodd Hill &Fisgard Lighthouse NHS
603 Fort Rodd Hill Road
Victoria, British Columbia

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