Denfert-Rochereaux Catacombs

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jehcekah on November 5, 2002

Take the Metro stop of the same name to a small, green, metal building. The entrance fee is a few Euro. After paying, you will proceed down a narrow, winding staircase under ground. The first few areas of the walk are just tunnels, but their eerie darkness gives you the right kind of ambience for what lies ahead. Millions and millions of bones stacked up, put into cross formations, heart formations, and piles of skulls. It is an amazing sight to behold. Unfortunately, there are always a few people who can ruin a visit, like the teenagers visiting while we were there. They picked up the bones and were just generally annoying. However, we were able to get around them and enjoyed the rest of our walk. It can get damp in the corridors and bringing a flashlight is actually a great idea.
Catacombs of Paris
1, Place Denfert-Rochereau
Paris, France, 75014
33 (1) 43 22 47 63

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