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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fallschirmhosen on October 2, 2005

Below is one of the coasters I rode at Cedar Point. Please see all my reviews for the remaining coasters not here.

Top Thrill Dragster
My Vote: Best Thrill Ride

When it opened in 2003, the Top Thrill Dragster was the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. Even though it has since lost the world title, it is still something to be ridden.

The ride is a half-mile long, but it takes a mere 16 seconds from start to finish. Themed after a drag car, you sit in the replica drag cars and hear sounds of cars revving-up to be raced. At this point you’re at the bottom of the coaster looking ahead at a long straightaway. At the end of the straightaway is a sharp 90-degree hill that brings you to a height of 420 feet. So, how do you get to the peak? At the moment the faux racing lights turn green, the train is accelerated from zero to 120mph in just 4 seconds. At this point you’ve reached the very end of the straightaway at the bottom of the hill, and then you shoot skywards. After breaching the peak a couple seconds later, the train then travels 90 degrees downwards, spiraling at the same time. This gives you the feeling that you’re spiraling to the ground. Once at the bottom, the ride stops, and it’s all over. But boy, is it worth it!

Not only is the Top Thrill Dragster the king when it comes to height of coasters at Cedar Point, but it is also king when it comes to the wait to ride it. A 2-hour wait is nothing unusual, and three hours are possible on busy days. In addition, please note that this coaster breaks down often and does not even run on some days.
Cedar Point
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