Ubud and the Monkey Forest

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By the time we made it back to Ubud from Kintamani, it was possible to gain entry to the centre of the village and to the monkey forest.

First stop was an art market located in Ubud, which had a large shed that provided a fabric workshop where Balinese people worked dyeing cloth and making batik fabrics. You could stop and watch the people work and admire/purchase the final product.

You could also browse around other sheds that housed the following items:

- Original paintings – we bought a small, 5x8, traditional-style watercolour for 100,000 Rupah (A$13).

- Handmade wood carvings of people, animals, etc., done in the traditional Balinese style.

- Stone carvings depicting Buddha, animals, people, etc.

- Handmade quilts and sarongs.

Then, after a short journey through the streets of Ubud, we reached the Monkey Forest – Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana – located in Padang Tegal, where we paid 10,000 Rupah (A$1.50) each to enter the forest grounds.

In the shaded grounds, there are many walking tracks you can venture on. Some take you past grave sites, carvings, and statues, while others take you to and past temples, also with carvings and statues.

The forest houses the following temples:

- The Pura Dalem Agung Temple – located in the main forest. It is the main temple for the village. We paid a small fee and fitted with a green sarong and entered into the temple complex to wander around taking in the amazing craftsmanship used in the construction the buildings, statues, wood carving, and décor painting.

- The Holy Bathing Temple – located next to the steam. This temple contains the Three Mandala Concept – The Utama Mandala is the area of the gods, The Madia Mandala for the disciples contains the holy pool, and The Nista Mandala is the birthing place for mankind.

- The Puri Prajapati is the funeral/cremation temple.

Everywhere you turn, there are monkeys. There seemed to be a large number of baby monkeys. The babies didn’t venture too close, kept out of harm's way by their mums, but the older ones did, especially if you had something they wanted, like food.

Caution – don’t take items with you that can be taken by the monkeys.

Unfortunately, by the time we exited the forest, it was 5pm and it was time for Burhan get home to his family. But what a great day tracing through the countryside, visiting Kintamani, Mount Batur, and Ubud.

Suggestion – if you have the time, stay in one of the many resorts/hotels in Ubud and take your time to see and do the following:

- Stroll casually around Ubud browsing in the shops and art markets, visiting the temples and monkey forest.

- Visit Kintamani and Mount Butar.

- Enjoy the countryside and the gentle rural hustle and bustle of the villages.

This will eliminate trying to fit everything into one long day trip and would be much more relaxing.

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