Day Trip to Lembongen Island

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by auskiwi on October 18, 2005

We visited a tour kiosk, any kiosk will do, and negotiated a cruise on the Island Explorer Cruises boats – which included the slow boat trip to the island, all water activities, a delicious lunch, a visit to Coconuts Beach Resort to swim in the pool and a trip on the fast jet boat back jumping the swells. All for the sum of 650,000 Rupah (A$90) each for the day.

On the Island Explorer Cruises you have the option of three boats and the choice is yours which boat you want to go over to the Island on and then back to Bali on – depending on available seating - the choice is:

The slow boat – can take a large number of passengers and, because of it’s slow pace, allows the boat crew to troll for fish. You also have the advantage of asking the crew questions – this trip is not good for those who get sea sick.

The medium speed boat – takes a smaller number of passengers than the slow boat but is faster.

The fast jet boat – only takes 20 passengers – wow what a buzz – skimming across the top of the water, leaping over the top of the swells and falling of the top of crests with stomach rising speed. Excellent – no chance to get seasick here.

We went over to the island on the slow boat and went back to Bali on the fast jet boat.

The trip to Lembongan included transport to and from your hotel to Benoa Port. After boarding the boat we had a leisurely cruise whilst relaxing and watching Bali turning hazy in the distance. Upon arriving at Lembongen Island the boat moored just of the shore and the staff busily started preparing lunch – BBQ fish and sausages, salad, bread, fruit and the like – all very delicious.

From the boat you can do the following activities, which are included in the price:

- Snorkel around the reef in the beautiful clear water – snorkeling equipment is available.

- Board a glass-bottom boat to view the reef from a different vantage point.

- Board a small boat to go over to the Island and visit Coconuts Beach Resort for a swim in the pool, a massage and just relax.

On shore you can hire a scooter, US$6/hour, and do a tour of the Island – the scooter owner provides a map. This will take you an hour or longer depending on time. On the tour you will go through a number of small, interesting villages, see spectacular scenery, witness friendly children come out and wave and you can stop and watch the Islanders harvesting seaweed, which is the main occupation on the Island. The back roads resemble goat tracks so the speed of travel is reliant on conditions.

Diving is also available, but at an additional cost.

All and all, it was a great day, and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Lembongan Island (Nusa Lembongan)
Day Trip
Bali, Indonesia

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