Steamtown Historic Site

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by hottice2nicky on September 30, 2005

The experience you get is a reminder of how the city use to be many years ago. It shows you how people worked to build the railroads and how they were built. The mall itself consists of two floors. It has a back deck that leads to the historic site. The historic site gives adults and children an outlook on how it used to be in earlier years, when the train was the basic means of transportation. They have a museum and a theater that will explain to you everything that happened and how the train still is a means of transportation today. Your children can also get into different (actual) trains that were driven a long time ago. There is also a museum where you can see actual parts of the trains and who drove them. Everything you need to know about the history you will find here.

Steamtown National Historic Site
150 S Washington Avenue
Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18503
(570) 340-5200

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