Lake Gardens

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Lake Gardens form a green band stretching across the south-western end of city centre. Landscaped hills surround the central lake of the Gardens, Tasik Penara, where - should you feel the sudden need for a low-andrenaline urban water activity - you can rent boats for a brief paddle.

Altough walking is obviously the preferred mode of locomotion in this area, a shuttle bus is thoughtfully provided to those weak of foot.

A few attractions speckle the large area; worth mentioning are the Orchid Gardens, where you can find a blessed shade from the noontime sun and saturate your senses with the explosion of colors. Just across lies the Bird Park, a large area, where a multitude of magnificent, tropical birds spend their time watching tourists with a smug expressions of superiority.

A Deer Park and Butterfly Park are also to be found in the immediate area, where a number of cute, colorful and/or furry animals are kept on display for your pleasure. No dangerous, disgusting or creepy beasts have hitherto been found worthy a park of their own, which might prove a slight disappointment for your 10-year old son. The zoological gardens might be able to help you there, tho.

The National Monument is placed on a hillside in the northern part of the Lake Gardens, commemorating the ass-whopping delivered to the Communists during the Emergency (for more info about these troubled times, consult your local guidebook). Worth a brief look, as it provides a great view of the Gardens and KL itself.

National Planetarium is one of the other sites worth visiting in the nearby area, offering science shows and IMAX movie performances.

Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Perdana)
Jalan Perdana
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50480
+60 3 2691 6011

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