National Palace Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Mchaela on October 22, 2002

I was in awe as I walked up to the museum. It is a beautiful structure. The National Palace Museum is touted as one of the best museums in the world for a reason. It is home to the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world but only a relative few can be on display at one time. I found myself overwhelmed by the beauty and craftmanship of the pieces from ancient times. There are works in ancient pottery, jade, bronze, lacquer and fabulous tapestries and books. Even if you aren't much a fan of Asian art, you cannot help but be impressed with the works here.

Shop in the gift shop as you are leaving. I picked up prints of some incredible art for very low prices. Even though I had to watch them carefully for the rest of my trip, it was worth it!

National Palace Museum
221 Chih-shan Rd. Sec 2
Taipei, Taiwan

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