Comerica Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by MJB1103 on September 7, 2005

Comerica Park is the newest field for the Detoir Tigers baseball league. It opened in 2000 to takeover the old Tiger Stadium that was falling apart and had not much to offer besides a game and some hot dogs. Today at Comerica Park, you can come early to watch batting practice and have the kids take a ride on the Ferris wheel or carousal. There are so many restaurants to choose from and different food offerings, it could make your head spin. There are plenty of souvenirs to buy and bars to hang out in. There are statues, fountains, and many creative forms of tigers all around. One of the restaurant’s doors is the face of a giant tiger split down the middle with two small windows for its eyes. Pretty wild!! If you like peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and all the baseball fun, Comerica Park is the place for you. See
Comerica Park
2100 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan, 48201
(313) 471 2555

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